Floor Plan

  • Car Parking (Basement 1, & 2)
  • Shopping Mall (LG, Ground, 1st Floor)
  • Blue World City Head office (Floor 2)
  • Floor 3
  • Corporate Offices + Open sky Terrace (Floor 4)
  • Corporate Offices (Floor 5 – 12)
  • BGC-IGC Head Office (Floor 13)
  • Corporate Offices (Floor 14 – 22)

Corporate Offices

Blue World Trade Center has crafted to perfection 18 floors of corporate space for local and multinational organizations which aim to accelerate growth in an
environment fully equipped with 21st century digital facilities.

BGC-IGC Head Office & Executive Chamber

BGC-IGC Head Office is situated on the 13th floor. With its purpose-built design and opulent interior, BGC-IGC Head Office is set to create an ambiance of sheer convenience for our customers to feel at home when they visit us. BGC-IGC Head Office features management offices & Executive Chamber along with dedicated elevators, premium receptions, and waiting areas equipped with latest communication facilities in a world-class environment.


Blue World Trade Center elevates your sense of style to such heights that you see the world beyond all mundane worries and considerations. The Terrace features luxurious Restaurants and Cafes.

Shopping Mall

Blue World Trade Center’s Shopping Mall has an electrifying ambiance that supplements your shopping spree. It’s the place where you will have all the
top-notch local and international fashion, sports, home décor, jewelry, home appliances brands lined up along commodious corridors to make you feel like a royalty.

Dedicated Parking

Blue World Trade Center features an international standard well-maintained Dedicated Parking Area in 3 basements segregated into spaces for corporate,
residents, and visitors with hassle-free wallet parking service.